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Stock theft and threats concerning at Okadoopola

Stock theft and threats concerning at Okadoopola

Maria David

STOCK thefts and threats have become a major concern in Okadoopola, located in the Okaku Constituency.

Authorities tasked with investigating the situation frequently face attacks or threats from the offenders.

During a community gathering hosted by Oshana NamPol, Okaku Constituency Councillor David Fillipus highlighted these issues.

According to Fillipus, livestock theft has become the most significant problem in the area, with numerous animals being killed or stolen without ever being recovered.

He recounted an incident where six goats were found slaughtered, but no one was held responsible.

“Many livestock have gone missing, and neither the police nor the community have been able to locate them,” he stated.

Fillipus also mentioned that individuals involved in the investigations are facing threats from perpetrators wielding pangas and other weapons.

Apart from stock theft, Fillipus noted a high rate of violence in the region. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of empowering traditional leaders and members of the Men and Women network to confront offenders without fear.

The Chief of Police in Oshana, Naftal Lungameni Sakaria, acknowledged that Okadoopola has indeed become a hotspot for livestock theft. He assured that efforts are ongoing to combat this crime.

Sakaria explained that they have been engaging with various communities in the region since the beginning of the year and will continue until they reach a wider audience.

In 2022, the police in Oshana initiated a community policing campaign, starting with churches and road traffic-related matters, and now extending to community engagements.

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