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Sakaria uses music to spread hope

Sakaria uses music to spread hope

Maria David

YOUNG artist Shiwayu Sakaria, also known as “Focus Fireboy,” has been using his music to bring hope to people across Namibia.

The 26-year-old, born in Onheleiwa in the Okongo area, started his musical journey at a very young age while navigating through life’s challenges.

Sakaria mentioned that while growing up, instead of playing football like his peers, he would carry around his small radio and listen to music programs. This inspired him to start singing.

Recently, Sakaria released his 13-track album titled “TRUE TO LIFE,” which aims to inspire people to have hope in life and everything they do.

He shared that he started pursuing music in 2018 while trying to make ends meet for himself at the time.

In 2022, he released his first album titled “I AM A GO GETTER.”

Sakaria explained that he turned to singing when things weren’t going well for him, using music as a means to motivate not only himself but also those facing difficulties in life.

“To earn something, you have to do something. To make money in this world, you have to work. I’m grateful that I’m earning it doing what I love the most,” he said.

Sakaria emphasized that his current album aims to motivate people to never give up.

“My album is mostly about life, everything that’s happening around us. It was easy to name it like that because all the songs are mostly about life itself—hard times, happy moments, and everything else related to life,” he added.

The album features artists such as Young T, D Kandjafa, Dama Monique, WarForce, Saddy, Stones 22, and Immz Shortman.

All of his songs are recorded and mastered by Chakkie Beatz.

Sakaria urged people to do whatever it takes to survive, no matter what they are doing, as long as everyone in their circle benefits.

He acknowledged that it may not be easy, but it requires commitment and self-motivation to overcome any obstacles.

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