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Unknown suspect steals N$25 800 from a pensioner

Unknown suspect steals N$25 800 from a pensioner

Staff Reporter

THE Namibian police in the Omusati Region are investigating a case in which an unknown suspect secretly withdrew a cash amount of N$25 800 from a pensioner’s bank account over a period 41 days.

According to the police, the crime occurred on numerous occasions between 21 December 2022 and 31 January 2023.

The complainant is 71-year-old Gerhard Sem, a resident of the Onamafipa village in the Etayi constituency.

It is alleged that an unknown suspect, possibly a relative or family friend, stole the complainant’s bank card and the respective PIN and proceeded to withdraw the money on numerous days, but the owner only discovered the theft recently.
The money was not recovered and no suspect was arrested, but the police is investigating the matter.

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