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Heavy rain continues in the North

Heavy rain continues in the North

Staff Reporter

THE North’s heavy rainfall, which have left some areas under water, is expected to persist for the rest of the week.

This is according to Namibia Meteorological Services’ latest weather predictions, which indicate that moderate to heavy storms will likely continue in the North for the rest of the week. This prediction comes as many northern towns have already received more than double the amount of rain recorded in other parts of the country in just 24 hours.

One of these northern towns is Okapya, in the Omusati Region, which recorded 81,5mm of rain between Monday and Tuesday morning alone. This was revealed by Namibia Meteorological Services’ rainfall bulletins, which further indicate that numerous other northern towns have received substantial amounts of rain on a consistent basis.

For instance, Okongo and Oshikango, in the Ohangwena Region, recorded a total of 112,3mm and 110,4mm of rain respectively between Saturday and Tuesday morning. Zambezi Region’s Katima Mulilo recorded a total of 72,4mm of rain during the same period, of which a third of this was received between Monday and Tuesday.

Other north-eastern towns such as Ngoma, in the Zambezi Region, and Rundu, in the Kavango East Region, also received substantial rainfall, recording 29mm and 42,2mm of rain between Monday and Tuesday alone.
In the North-west, Kamanjab and Outjo, in the Kunene Region, received 16,8mm and 12mm of rain between Sunday and Monday. Namibia Meteorological Services also revealed that Outjo recorded another 6,4mm of rain between Monday and Tuesday as well.

While the heavy falls were certainly more concentrated on the North, many other areas have also received generous rainfall. One of these places is Otavi, in the Otjozondjupa Region, which recorded 43mm of rain between Sunday and Monday morning and another 7,5mm of rain by Tuesday morning.

The country’s extensive rainfall continues to be a hot topic, especially online, where many social media users have shared videos and photos in appreciation of the country’s generous rainfall, while others have expressed concern about the flooded areas in the North.

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