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Three caught for theft, two on the run

Three caught for theft, two on the run

Maria David

THREE women aged 29, 33 and 35 were arrested for stealing from their employer, while two other suspects are still on the run.

NamPol spokesperson in the region, Inspector Ellen Nehale, stated that the incident occurred at around 02:28 at Makalani Hotel in Tsumeb.

Nehale stated that the three allegedly organised a robbery with two other male suspects to cover up for the missing money.

“The investigation was held by the Police and the receptionist that was on duty was interviewed and she revealed that they stole the money with her other colleagues, an amount of N$15 000 before,” she said.

Nehale indicated that the three suspects allegedly wanted to cover up for the missing money by organizing a sort of robbery with known suspects to them.

She said that the two male suspects who were organized by the employees came at the entrance door of the hotel knocking and that the receptionist who was on duty opened them.

“Immediately when they entered, they pushed the receptionist to the office where they demanded money,” she said.

She added that one of the suspects was allegedly holding a metal iron which they used to break open the cupboard were the money was kept, and they took the cash.

Nehale further stated that there was no weapon used to threaten the receptionist.

“The two male suspects are still on the run. Both suspects are believed to be in Windhoek and efforts are being done to trace and arrest them,” she added.

It is established that an amount of N$ 192 000 is yet to be recovered.

Meanwhile, the three suspects are expected to appear before the Tsumeb Magistrate court this week on charges of theft of money and theft from the employer by the employee.

Police investigation into the matter continues.

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