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Two arrested after a foiled vehicle theft in Ohangwena

Two arrested after a foiled vehicle theft in Ohangwena

Placido Hilukilwa

AT LEAST eight vehicles were since July this year stolen in the Ohangwena Region and immediately driven across the border into Angola.
A ninth attempt to steal a vehicle was made at Eenhana on Tuesday, but it was foiled by the police and two suspected thieves were arrested after several hours of hot pursuit by the police.

According to Nampol’s Community Affairs Officer Andrew Nghiyolwa, a vehicle theft was reported at Eenhana town Tuesday evening, but the theft ended in failure thanks to a quick police response.

Officers were deployed and quickly caught up with the suspects who then abandoned the stolen vehicle and fled on foot, with the law enforcement officers on their heels.

According to Nghiyolwa, the two suspects, who are aged 33 and 39 respectively, were tracked for several hours and were eventually apprehended at the border village of Onamunama.

Nghiyolwa said that eight vehicles were stolen in the region since July and they were all taken across the border into Angola.

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