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NamPol expresses concern as robbery cases increase

NamPol expresses concern as robbery cases increase

Staff Reporter

FOLLOWING the circulation of a video that shows a woman getting attacked and robbed by four men in Cimbebacia in Windhoek, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) expressed concern about the increasing robbery incidents in the country and urged the public to remain cautious and vigilant.

According to the Head of NamPol’s Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, the woman in the video was attacked and robbed on Tuesday, 20 September, at about 06:05, while she was crossing a riverbed or visibly bushy area.

Shikwambi said that this is not an isolated case as robbery cases of this nature are on the rise in the country. She added that in many of the robbery incidents, the victims are targeted and robbed and, sometimes, attacked, resulting in them sustaining serious injuries.

“Robberies are very unpredictable and thus the broader public is cautioned to be vigilant while the Police Force is intensifying its crime prevention operations. Additionally, victims are urged to report robbery cases to the police for investigation and identification of robbery prone areas,” she said.

Shikwambi also urged the broader public to avoid places and circumstances that create risky situations. She also cautioned people to avoid moving in remote places at night as well as riverbeds, bushy areas and passages. Instead, she advises the public to remain alert and to move in well-lit areas as much as possible.

“If you are in trouble or feel you are in danger, don’t be afraid to attract help in any way you can. Scream, yell or run away to safety,” she added.

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