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Hochland Park million robbers betrays the City’s CCTV Security System

Hochland Park million robbers betrays the City’s CCTV Security System

Staff Reporter

ONE of the G4S employees responsible for guarding the house of the Hochland Park Chinese national and businessman who was robbed of millions at gun-point yesterday, said that it seems like the robbers have now mastered the art of defying the security and protection industry, making it difficult for them to be brought to book in terms of the law.

He made these remarks during a visit to that area by Informanté, adding that Windhoek has now become an unsafe place for everyone, including those that are entrusted to ensure the safety and security protection of others.

“The worst part is, they made sure they avoided all security cameras in that area, and took away storage devices for the cameras of the house, including the recording laptop,” he said.

PICTURED: G4S Employee at the recently robbed Hochland park home. Photo: Samuel Shinedima.

The guard claimed that his female colleagues who was on duty during the incident was suffocated with clothes in her mouth, an attempt to stop her from screaming for help, while forcing her to give them access to the house, to which he believes that she endured great trauma.

After gaining access to the house, they allegedly went straight to the Chinese man, who was in the house preparing a meal for their employees at their construction sites, and demanded directions to the safe where the money was kept. In the meantime, everyone who was in the house was allegedly locked up in a certain room.

“It was early in the day when it happened. The street was a bit quiet as most people were at work and she had nowhere to get help from. The robbers came from nowhere and did what they did. I really felt sorry for my colleague, but at least she is safe. Her life matters,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Chief of City Police, Abraham Kanime, stated that the fugitives’ whereabouts are still unknown, adding that the City Police’s CCTV camera in that area could not capture them.

“It appears that they used a different route and we are going to block off that area, to avoid incidents such nature in the future,” Kanime stated.
Kanime further indicated that the team is busy at work, and the police investigations are underway. As it stands, no arrest or recoveries have been made.

The robbery incident allegedly occurred around 10:00 on Wednesday, when Sun Gong, a Chines national, was held at gun-point, while six armed robbers stole over N$1,1 million. The robbery also included USD10 000 in cash, and valuable items worth N$2 million.

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