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ECN ready for Swakop by Elections

ECN ready for Swakop by Elections

Staff Reporter

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has assured members of the public that the processes of the Swakopmund by-election is above board, transparent and credible as it gears up to hold the by-elections tomorrow 12 August 2022.

The by-election came after the IPC in May this year expelled their former member Ciske Smith-Howard, who held the councillor position.

Petrus Shaama, Acting Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer of the ECN said that all seals of the ECN and seals of all political parties affixed to all ballot boxes in Windhoek were still intact at the time of offloading at the Mondesa Police Station.



NOTHING AMISS: The voting stations for the Swakopmund by elections. Photo: ECN FB page.


This was verified and confirmed by all political parties’ representatives present Shaama said.

“As part of upholding our value of inclusivity, all contesting political parties were given an opportunity to observe all key stages of the pre-electoral phase of this by-election including the printing and final distribution of ballot papers. As can be ascertained throughout our preparations for this by-election, the ECN remain committed to executing its sacred obligation of strengthening our constitutional democracy and the promotion of inclusive democratic electoral and referenda processes,” Shaama said.

He concluded and urged all political parties to refrain from any malicious conduct or from spreading false information that might derail electoral processes. The ECN’s electoral officer also encouraged all registered voters to go out in numbers to exercise their democratic rights and VOTE on the 12th August 2022.


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