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GIPF launches Biometric System to improve accessibility and security

GIPF launches Biometric System to improve accessibility and security

Staff Reporter

THE Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) officially launched a Biometric Enrolment and Verification System, which aims to improve security and data capturing by using fingerprint and facial scanning for enrolment and verification.

According to the fund’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), David Nuyoma, the new system will simplify the verification process for GIPF members by enabling remote services.

“It’s a solution that will make it easier for our members and annuitants to verify their existence, not necessarily needing to come physically to the premises of GIPF, but to do it remotely from wherever they may be,” he said.

SECURE and ACCESSIBLE: GIPF launched Biometric Enrolment and Verification System. Photo: GIPF.

Speaking on behalf of the Chairperson of the Benefits Administration Committee (BAC), Evans Maswahu, the fund’s Strategic Communications Consultant, Maria Dax, explained that the system does not only allow remote verification services, but also allows verification without requiring connectivity. This, she added, will be especially beneficial for members at remote areas where there is no internet coverage.

Besides this, she explained that the system’s facial scanning functionality will also make the service more accessible to people with disabilities, specifically those who have hand or finger damage.

Dax announced that the enrolment process is currently active and will end on 28 February 2023 and encouraged GIPF members to enrol as failure to do so will result in the discontinuing of benefits.

She explained that the enrolment can be done at any fully fledged GIPF office in the country. However, she said, the GIPF satellite offices at Grootfontein, Opuwo and Nkurenkuru will not be enrolling during the initial phase. She assured that these areas will be served by mobile teams and the schedule for this will be announced in due course.

The Biometric Enrolment and Verification System was developed by a local technology company, Virtua Technologies, in collaboration with a German company Dermalog.

The Business Development Manager of Virtua Technologies, Shitongeni Kakehongo, emphasised that the new system will enable accurate enrolment and verification, reduce duplicate registrations and improve accessibility for members who reside in remote areas. He added that a mobile application will also be introduced to further enhance accessibility.

“Anybody who has a smartphone is able to physically verify prove of life, that they are alive, and this can happen anywhere where there is connectivity obviously, but is especially for members who are overseas and also in the villages, in remote areas. They do not need to come to a GIPF office, they can basically just download the app,” he added.

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