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Murderers are mostly Christians and teachers, says Nghidishange

Murderers are mostly Christians and teachers, says Nghidishange

Maria David

CHRISTIANS and school teachers form the majority of people accused of homicide, not only in the Okongo constituency of the Ohangwena Region, but in the whole country.

This was said by a prominent resident of the Ohameva village, Phillipus Nghidishange, during a men’s conference at Okongo on Friday.
He did not elaborate nor provide concrete statistics.
He said that things have turned upside down. Wickedness is now considered “normal”.

The elderly suffer, a suffering inflicted on them by their own children.
Nghidishange stated that school teachers and christian believers were supposed to be role models and pillars in society, yet many of them fail in their duty and find themselves at loggerheads with the laws of the country.


ENGAGED: Police in Ohangwena Region continue to engage people. Photo: Maria David

He also spoke of “a lot of people” who are involved in criminal activities simply because of ignorance.

Nghidishange said that alcohol abuse was the source of many social evils and urged the government to consider banning alcohol in Namibia.
“If a total ban of alcohol is impractical, then people should only drink at home,” he said.

Another villager, Mathews Shoongaleni, urged men to talk openly about their problems and seek assistance.
He said men experience serious challenges but they are shy to talk about them. That is what eventually leads to violence.

According to NamPol Community Affairs officer Sagneant Andrew Nghiyolwa, men’s conferences have already taken place in eight constituencies and they were all well attended.

Nghiyolwa said that the police are happy not only because of the big number of men who attend the meetings, but also because of the information they are sharing with other men and the solutions and preventive measures they propose.

The latest gathering, at Ookongo, was also addressed by Constituency councilor Efraim Shipindo.

The Oshikunde Constituency is next.

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