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Labour ministry encourages retirement preparation

Labour ministry encourages retirement preparation

Staff Reporter

THE Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation is inviting interested institutions to contact the ministry for the arrangement of pre-retirement training workshops, which will be offered for free, to prepare employees for life after retirement.

“In order to compliment employees’ retirement planning efforts, the Ministry feels that it has an obligation to cater for the welfare of employees beyond their active working period, and is thus embarking on this training workshops,” the ministry said.

This request comes after the ministry announced the conclusion of a two-day pre-retirement training workshop that was conducted with participants from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The goal of the workshop was to prepare the employees, who are between the ages of 50 and 60, for retirement.

The ministry explained that the workshop – which essentially aimed to educate participants on the stages and impact of retirement – sought to address participants’ retirement concerns, assisted with effective retirement planning and provided training with regards to lifestyle, finances and will-making.

According to the ministry, such workshops are important because it has been observed that employees that retire from formal employment without proper retirement planning tend to struggle to cope with the retirement lifestyle. The ministry noted that this ultimately has a negative impact on the unprepared individuals’ quality of life, while those who engaged in pre-retirement planning tend to adapt and cope better.

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