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“Don’t touch San people’s social grant” – Shipindo

“Don’t touch San people’s social grant” – Shipindo

Maria David

OKONGO constituency Councillor Efraim Shipindo said that Government will not tolerate individuals who target members of the San community robbing them of their monthly social grants.

Shipindo said that complaints were brought to his attention that some shebeen owners allegedly give unlimited “alcohol credit” to members of the San community who are beneficiaries of the government’s monthly social grants. They are then asked to settle their alcohol accounts immediately upon receiving their social grants.

Some of them allegedly spend the whole monthly amount — N$1 300 — to settle the debts.
“As if it was not enough,” said Shipindo, “members of the San community are also tricked into selling the drought relief food and clothes they receive from government”.

ACTION: Okongo constituency councilor Efraim Shipindo. Photo: Contributed

Shipindo noted that an awareness campaign is currently underway. Shipindo said that steps will be taken to bring to book anyone caught in the act of enticing San people to open alcohol accounts at shebeens or tempting them to sell the food they receive free of charge from government.

He indicated that the campaign has already kicked off in the Oshikunde constituency, where investigations will be carried out in collaboration with representatives of the San community and the Namibian Police to find out exactly how the scheme works and to find solutions to the problem.
The investigation team will, among others visit pension payout points and places where the San people live.

“They use the social grants they receive from the government to buy their basic needs. There are unfortunately unscrupulous elements that cheat them out of their money,” he said.

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