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Geingob calls for execution of Green Hydrogen plans

Geingob calls for execution of Green Hydrogen plans

Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has called on the Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, and the rest of the Green Hydrogen Council to execute the Green Hydrogen plans that they have forged to date.

Geingob made the request during the Green Hydrogen Session that took place at the Namibia House at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos-Klosters in Switzerland from 22 to 26 May.

A report outlining Namibia’s Green Hydrogen plans and process, the Traction publication, was also launched during the session.

In the report, Geingob reiterated Namibia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and explained that increased uptake of green hydrogen in energy intensive sectors is important to reduce emissions and ensure a climate-resilient economy.

“We have captured and articulated our Hydrogen ambitions in the second Harambee Prosperity Plan under the economic advancement pillar and have actively pursued its respective goals and targets since its launch in March 2021,” the president said.

Geingob said Namibia is in an ideal position to become a sub-Saharan clean energy powerhouse with dynamic green and blue energies. He attributed this position to the country’s renewable resources, proximity to the ocean and peaceful operating environment.

The president further explained that Namibia has identified four potential hydrogen valleys across the country and has started with the first development, which is the Southern Corridor Development Initiatives (SCDI).

“The SCDI is a portfolio of complementary projects and infrastructure in the //Kharas region of Namibia that seeks to optimise production of affordable Green Hydrogen and Ammonia for the country,” Geingob explained.

He also highlighted that while hydrogen is already in widespread use, more than 95% of its production is from natural gas and coal and is thus incompatible with a long-term sustainable energy ecosystem.

He said to ensure that Green Hydrogen and its derivatives become an indisputable mainstay of the global energy mix, significant investment is required to reduce the cost of hydrogen over time.

To facilitate the effective deployment of the systemic capital needed, Geingob said that Namibia will be using a blended financing platform termed SDG Namibia ONE.

An explanation of the blended finance platform – plus a timeline of Namibia’s Green Hydrogen efforts, an in-depth explanation of the SCDI, the bid evaluation process and Namibia’s future Green Hydrogen plans – is included in the Traction report, which is available at

Live streams of the sessions at the WEF meeting presentations can be watched on the Namibian Presidency’s social media pages.


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