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Fly by night security companies flagged for underpaying

Fly by night security companies flagged for underpaying

Zorena Jantze


THE Security Association of Namibia (SAN) on Thursday hosted an extraordinary Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which it raised concern on the rise of fly by night security companies that are non-compliant with regards to paying the minimum wage of security personnel.


David Nuuyoma, SAN Chairman, stated that the meeting discussed several issues such as membership fee increments, amendments to the association’s constitution, good standing certificates as well as establishing a pension fund for security guards.


Nuuyoma said SAN members have raised different issues, especially concerning the inequalities that exist within the industry.


Security Association Namibia SAN Annual General Meeting AGM companies wage Fly by night
File photo for illustrative purposes.


He said SAN is especially tasked with ensuring compliance of security sector companies and curbing the spread of fly by night companies that often neglect to train staff, conform to VET levies as well as pay minimum wages.


The collective agreement stipulates a minimum wage for security guards is N$8.75 per hour for entry-level personnel, while guards who have worked for their employer for more than one year are entitled to N$10 per hour.


He further noted that the association has encouraged the Ministry of Labour to identify these non-compliant entities and take the necessary measures.


Nuuyoma said the association has also approached the Procurement Board of Namibia to ensure that companies who are given tenders are compliant and registered with SAN.


He said SAN is working in conjunction with the UNNA association to offer pension fund provisions for security officers who have been working in the sector for 10 to 15 years.


Nuuyoma shared that some companies are already voluntarily offering these kinds of benefits to their employees.


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