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NBC workers face losing all after unpaid strike

NBC workers face losing all after unpaid strike

Staff Reporter

MIKE Kavekotora of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) has told parliament that workers of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) who were part of a nationwide strike that resulted in unpaid leave are between a rock and a hard place financially.

Kavekotora in parliament yesterday stated that he is concerned about the aftermath of the unpaid strike, which has seen some workers resigning from the national broadcaster in order to access their pension funds.

He further questioned the N$5.4 million payment which top-level management paid out to themselves while the NBC was said to be facing financial constraints.

NBC workers unpaid strike MIKE Kavekotora RDP National Broadcasting Corporation NBC
STRUGGLING: NBC workers striking earlier this year. Photo: File

He said due to the unpaid strike, information has it that deductions from workers’ salaries have been ongoing and some workers’ take-home pay has been in the negative, while others are left with a mere N$300 per month as disposable income.

“How can one survive on N$300? Some NBC staff members opted to resign in order to access their pension money to pay,” Kavekotora said.

He further chastised NBC management and queried why N$5.4 million was specifically targeted at top management.

“NBC staff members are at risk of losing their houses, their cars, their pensions, and other hard-earned assets they accumulated over the years. All these as a result of a non-performance SOE dishing out money to the very same people who pushed NBC into a financial mess. How did top management get it right to effect deductions exceeding one’s salary?

“There are statutory limitations limiting what an institution can deduct from the disposable income of a staff member. Is top management so concerned about collecting money that they don’t care for the wellbeing of their staff?” Kavekotora queried.

He further questioned why the government allowed this to happen and a board was recently appointed to authorise this payout to top management.

“It is on this basis that one would like this August House to refer this motion to a relevant parliamentary committee for further investigation,” Kavekotora concluded.

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