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Man looking to sue Nampol after assault and wrongful arrest

Man looking to sue Nampol after assault and wrongful arrest

Staff Reporter


A WORKER from the Okatambaka farm in the Otjinene district wants to sue the Namibian police (Nampol) after he was allegedly manhandled, wrongfully detained and was accused of murdering a man who was later found alive.


George Shimbundje, aged 30, has asked Informanté’s assistance in seeking recourse for what he terms humiliating treatment.


He said he was slapped, kicked and beaten with a police baton by Nampol officers before being handcuffed and detained for six hours at a police station.


EMPTY: Video footage of the scene where Shimbundje was arrested as the police tried to find a body that was not there. Video contributed by Shimbundje’s employer.


Shimbudje relayed that a group of Nampol officers came to Farm Okatambaka, where he is employed as a supervisor, on 20 April 2020.


He was accused of murdering someone and burying the person on the farm.


“I was surrounded by a group of officers. I remember a female officer slapped me, the other police officer kicked me and the other one handcuffed me and hit me with the police baton,” Shimbundje said.


He added that following the handcuffing, the police officers forced him to the nearest police station where he was detained and questioned about the alleged murder.


Shimbundje said the officers also dug a hole where they suspected the body to be buried, but came up empty-handed.


He said that the man who was accused of murdering, a 22-year-old from the San community, was a short while later found alive on the outskirts of Otjinene.


The case was registered under CR16/04/20.


Shimbundje, who has since recovered from most of the injuries, said that he does not have visual footage of the actual assault but his employers witnessed the incident.


He further stated that he has come to the media although time has passed since the incident, as he wishes to find lawyers who will help him take up the case and sue the Namibian police.


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