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Farms near Dordabis on fire again

Farms near Dordabis on fire again

Niël Terblanché


ANOTHER devastating fire has broken out on farms in the area of Dordabis to the southeast of Windhoek less than a month after almost 100 000 hectares of grazing land were destroyed by a bush fire that raged for almost a week.


Farmers in the area of the communal farm Stinkwater where a large number of people live in a makeshift shantytown had to scramble all their workers and neighbours to prevent another disaster from unfolding.


The firefighting teams managed to control the fire a little quicker than a few weeks ago.


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The firefighters were aided by more fortunate wind conditions that did not blow the flames out of control.


Although large swaths of grazing were destroyed by the previous fire, the zones that have already burned now act as fire breaks which also counts in the favour of firefighters.


The farmers and their firefighting teams managed to bring the fire under control late on Sunday evening.


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