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Limited water infrastructure hampers agriculture

Limited water infrastructure hampers agriculture

Maria David


THE prevailing water scarcity continues to hamper agricultural production in the Oshana Region.


Oshana regional governor Elia Irimari revealed that human capital is ready to assist the regional plans on growing the agriculture sector.


Irimari indicated that the region is, however, faced with a challenged of limited water infrastructure for agriculture production.


“We don’t have any water supply for agricultural purpose, but only for basic consumption needs and other light industrial,” he said.


CONCERN: LIMITED water infrastructure worrisome, Oshana regional governor Elia Irimari. Photo: Maria David


He explained that water is the economy of everything and without water nothing can be achieved in the region.


Irimari noted with concern that the inflow of water from Angola is currently lower than before, resulting in no agricultural activity in the region.


He added that underground water is saline and not suitable for human consumption nor agricultural usage, but deeper water drilling might be able to offer more consumable water.


Irimari singled out fresh produce for being highly affected by limited water infrastructure.


“There is a long way to go for the development of any region to be achieved,” he said.


He also pointed out that there is a need for water conservation and excavation of earth dams to harvest flood and rain water in order to boost agricultural production in the region.


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