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Thousands in payout for farmer who lost goats to lions

Thousands in payout for farmer who lost goats to lions

Eba Kandovazu


THE Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism said an amount of N$40 000 will be compensated to a farmer whose 76 small livestock were recently killed by two lions in the Kunene Region.


The farmer lost a total 66 goats and 10 sheep.


The ministry’s spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, said that the compensation is in accordance with the national Human Wildlife Conflict Management policy’s self-reliance scheme.


“We are aware of the concerns that the set amounts as per policy are insufficient. For this reason, we wish to clarify that Namibia does not have a policy for compensation of damages caused by wild animals. The amounts paid by the ministry are simply to assist farmers who are affected by human wildlife conflict incidences and not necessarily to pay for the value of the damage or loss,” Muyunda said.


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COMPENSATION: Environment Ministry Spokesperson Romeo Muyunda. Credit: Twitter


Muyunda also explained that the current policy allows the minister to adjust payment rates from time to time m, depending on available financial resources.


According to Muyunda, a ten-year lion conservation and management strategy has been developed and commissioned to improve the management of lions in the country, adding that the development process has already begun.


Meanwhile, 25 kraals have been constructed as of beginning of this year in the Kunene Region as part of the program to strengthen and develop predator proof livestock kraal.


The Kunene Region is the most affected by human wildlife conflicts.


Plans to build 100 more kraals this year are underway to prevent lions from attacking livestock in kraals, Muyunda noted.


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