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Two arrested following Nashidengo’s death

Two arrested following Nashidengo’s death

Placido Hilukilwa


TWO adult members of the San Community at Eenhana, in the Ohangwena Region, were arrested this week following the unnatural death of a resident of the Oprasa Location, Pius Ndafohamba Nashidengo, whose lifeless body was discovered in his sleeping room Tuesday morning.


It is alleged that Nashidengo was assaulted the previous night by the two men who are now in police custody and are expected to appear in court this week.


According to the police, the deceased was probably intoxicated when he returned home at around 21:30.


However, he found himself entering the wrong house, mistaking it for his own residence.


Two men, who apparently suspected him to be a criminal intruder, attacked and assaulted him until some neighbours intervened and escorted Nashidengo to his room where his lifeless body was found the next morning.


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