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Pensioner defrauded by scammers

Pensioner defrauded by scammers

Maria David


THE Namibian Police Force in the Oshana Region has urged members of the public to refrain from providing their personal information and bank information to unknown people who are calling them on their private mobile phones.


The warning follows after scammers defrauded a 60-year-old pensioner after she withdrew some money at the Bank Windhoek branch in Ondangwa on Saturday morning.


Community Affairs Officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo said the unknown suspects withdrew a total of N$100 000 from the pensioner’s account.


Pensioner scammers Namibian Police Force Oshana public personal information


“The victim told investigators that she received a call from a private number informing her that she won a voucher at MTC. She was requested to give her banking details in order for the ‘voucher’ to be deposited into her account,” he said.


Aiyambo stated that the victim suspected that something was amiss and returned to the bank to block her account.


“Upon arrival at the bank, she was informed that an amount of N$100 000 was withdrawn from her account,” he said.


Thus far, Aiyambo said nothing has been recovered and suspects in the robbery are unknown, but the complainant is suspecting a bank teller who assisted her could be involved in the swindle.


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