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Market Recap 26 May to 1 June 2021

Market Recap 26 May to 1 June 2021

The local market was relatively quiet this week, with the NSX Local index up 0.2% at 440, and the NSX Overall Index up 2.73% at 1432. As at 1 June, Capricorn Group was the largest local company on the exchange, with market capitalization of N$ 6.9 billion, followed by FirstRand Namibia with N$ 6.7 billion, Namibia Breweries with N$ 6.4 billion and Trustco Group with N$ 3.7 billion. Standard Bank Namibia lead the market this week with growth of 1.69% to close at N$ 6.60 per share, with FirstRand Namibia in second place at N$ 25.15 per share after growth of 0.56%. In terms of volume Capricorn Group lead the market with N$ 1.5 million worth of shares traded, with FirstRand Namibia in second place with N$ 577 thousand worth of shares traded. The local currency gained 0.63% against the US Dollar, to close at N$ 13.76 per USD, and gained 0.61% against the British Pound, to close at N$ 19.48 per GBP. It closed at N$ 16.82 against the Euro, a gain of 0.90%.


Market Recap Capricorn FirstRand Breweries Trustco Group Oryx Properties Asset Management FirstRand Namibia US Dollar USD British Pound GBP Euro


Alpha Namibia Industries released their audited results for the year ending 28 February 2021, and revealed that their revenue was N$ 69.7 million for the year, with their profit for the year amounting to N$ 687 275. Basic earnings per share was thus at 4.1c per share, with their net asset value at N$ 9.98 per share. The group noted that they had acquired 70% of Hopsol Power Generation (Pty) Ltd and 80% of Hopsol Africa (Pty) Ltd during the year under review for N$ 88.6 million and N$ 56 million respectively, with the companies financials being consolidated in for 8 months and 11 months respectively. Alpha Namibia Industries noted that it will continue to make investments into renewable energy plants through acquisitions, in line with Namibia’s target to become a net energy exporter by 2030.

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