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DJ Obza refused entry with false COVID test results

DJ Obza refused entry with false COVID test results

Niël Terblanché


AN attempt to use falsified COVID-19 tests to gain entrance into Namibia to perform at a show in Windhoek landed Obakeng Kekana, also known as DJ Obza, and two members of his crew stuck in no man’s land.


According to a report about the incident provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, Kekana, Given Eke, and Johannes Legodi arrived at the Walvis Bay International Airport from Johannesburg on Friday brandishing falsified COVID-19 tests.


“The artist and his crew was supposed to perform at shows in Walvis Bay and Windhoek over the weekend but they are now in the process of securing flight back to South Arica,” the report states.


The trio had to overnight at a holding facility on the premises of the airport some distance from the main airport building, while they waited for the results of COVID-29 tests that were performed on them by local medical personnel. The tests came out negative and they then started the process of securing a flight home at their own cost.


COVID test falsified COVID-19 tests Namibia perform show Windhoek Obakeng Kekana DJ Obza
PICTURED: South African recording artist, DJ Obza.


The negative result in Namibia would allow them re-entry in South Africa.


If the artist and his crew wish to return to Namibia they will have to undergo another test and when those results are negative they will be allowed entry into the country.


“It must be understood that it is a criminal offense punishable by law to present falsified documents to authority,” the report stated.


The incident report did not state if the artist and his two crew members had valid work visas that would have allowed them to perform at the shows in Namibia legally.


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