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Oshana discuss investment

Oshana discuss investment

Maria David


MANY businesses in the Oshana Region continue to experience a slowdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and as a result, the regional leadership continues with its engagements and talks about investment solutions for the region.


Regional Governor, Elia Irimari made the remarks whilst speaking at the start of a one-day regional investment symposium at Oshakati here on Tuesday.


“As business owners my message is to purely encourage you, to press on and continue fighting for the sake of our economic recovery,” said Irimari.


The governor said he is convinced that if people of the Oshana Region continue with their concerted efforts, they can devise local solutions to accelerate the recovery of the economic activities in the region.


He pointed out that entrepreneurs are well versed with the fact that someone has to provide finances for growth to spur, adding that experience has shown that domestic investment and wealth creation opportunities can only be sustained with the local businesses taking a lead.


investment businesses Oshana outbreak COVID-19


“Hence this discourse is aimed to continue empowering local enterprises and implement the growth at home strategy,” Irimari stated.


For those reasons he said, the regional leadership has engaged MUMI Investment Managers to share with the Oshana people their behest as far as investment, financial stability, wealth creation, and sustainable development are concerned.


MUMI representative Mike Mukete mainly focused on the promotion of local investment as well as creating and building generational wealth.


MUMI Investment Managers is a 100% Namibian-owned company with an agenda of utilizing and nurturing local investment skills through asset management industry transformation.


Captains of industries and senior officials of the regional and local authorities from all over the Oshana region participated in the first-ever Oshana regional investment symposium to share business experiences.


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