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Innovative ways to fight the locusts

Innovative ways to fight the locusts

Nathanael Heita


THE appearance in the northern regions of millions of crops-devouring locusts has awaked the creativity of local farmers, who employed a variety of novel ways of protecting their crops from the flying intruders.


Inhabitants of the affected areas did not wait for the government’s locust combating teams.


They took it upon themselves, in most cases succeeding in chasing the locusts away using improvised means such as making noisy sounds by beating drums and the corrugated iron sheets as well as producing smoke by burning old tyres.


fight locusts northern local farmers


Farmers worked together as a team and even school learners were mobilized to join the anti-locust campaign, chasing the flying insects from one village to another till they no longer posed danger to their crops.


Swarms of locusts passed through a large area in the Ohangwena Region. Villages such as Ondobe, Eembidi, Oshimumu, Okadila, Okatope, Onekwaya, Onhuno, Ongha, Ondiihaluka, and neighboring villages, but no serious damage to crops was reported.


“This proves the effectiveness of the methods we used. The smoke was the most effective as it confused and scared off the locusts,” said Michael Hamutenya, an Okatope farmer.


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