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Woman left unattended for hours after miscarriage

Woman left unattended for hours after miscarriage

Marthina Mutanga


A 27-years-old woman who gave birth to a baby that died shortly after birth in one of the toilets at the Katutura State Hospital was reportedly left unattended for six hours with the placenta still attached to her organs.


The woman, who was reportedly six months pregnant, gave birth in one of the toilets at around 03h00 this morning.


She called the nurse for assistance, but the nurses allegedly refused to attend to her by telling her that they do not “attend to patients in the toilets.”


She claims that they also told her to carry her dead baby from the toilet to the room for observation.


Woman left unattended miscarriage baby died toilets Katutura State Hospital


When Informante arrived at the ward hours later at 09h00, the young woman, who could not contain her tears, was still lying on the mattress with the placenta undelivered and the dead baby next to her while awaiting to receive medical assistance.


The woman, who did not want to be named, said that her baby was alive at birth, but died shortly after.


She strongly believes that had the nurses attended to her when she first called out for help, her baby might still be alive today.


Ben Nangombe, Executive director in the Ministry of Health, contacted the Katutura Supretendant to attend to the matter urgently once he was notified of the issue.


The nurse who was on night duty had knocked off at 07h00, and the incoming nurse reportedly also failed to attend to the patient until the call from their superior came in.


The head of department and the nurses in the ward were called into a closed door meeting in an attempt to resolve the issue of medical negligence.


By this afternoon, it was still not clear what actions would be taken in the case.


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