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Angolan drought refugees will be assisted

Angolan drought refugees will be assisted

Maria David


THE Namibian Government is cognizant of the humanitarian drama that is currently playing out on the border between the country and Angola.


In this regard, the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Frans Kapofi has promised to look into the situation where hundreds of Angolan families have been streaming into Namibia as a result of the severe drought in southern Angola.


In an interview with Informanté, Kapofi said that if he finds that the migration is of a humanitarian nature he would take it up with the Angolan authorities.


Angolan drought refugees assisted Namibian Government humanitarian country Angola


“We do not want people coming into the country in an uncontrolled manner,” he said.


The minister added that if the government must first assess the situation.


Kapofi noted that it is not only Angolans who are crossing the border into Namibia, but that there are Namibians who are taking their cattle herds to Angola for grazing purposes in other areas along the border.


“Government will provide help to the refugees if needed. We won’t shy away from the cry of our brothers and sisters,” he said.


The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga said that he was made aware of the large number of Angolans flocking into Namibia.


“The matter will be dealt with by the immigration department. The Namibian Police will only intervene if the refugees commit crimes,” he said.


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