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Alcohol-free zones must be created

Alcohol-free zones must be created

Maria David


MINISTER of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Frans Kapofi said there is a need to create alcohol-free zones in Namibia society.


Kapofi made the remarks during the inauguration of the Oshikuku Police Station on Thursday.


Kapofi stated that Namibians have an infinite love for alcohol and drugs which need to be controlled and maintained for the safety of the little children that are growing up in such unsafe environments.


Alcohol-free zones Minister Home Affairs Immigration Safety Security Frans Kapofi Namibia


He said that there is a need to ensure schools and service providers are not mixed with alcohol outlets but rather that an area for only alcohol sales must be created instead.


During the same occasion, Kapofi indicated that Namibia has become an easy target of foreign drug dealers who only cares about having their sales achieved.


Without giving figures, Kapofi stated that many of the arrests where large amounts of illicit drugs are confiscated involve refugees or other foreigners.


“It is time for them to go back to their countries because they are destroying our nation,” he said, adding that many of the drug dealers are refugees in Namibia.


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