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Brick-making machine donated

Brick-making machine donated

Maria David


THE Shack Dwellers Federation in Ongwediva took ownership of a brick manufacturing machine worth N$10 000 that was donated by the town council.


The donation came after Council allocated 98 plots to Shack Dwellers Federation in 2020 with the purpose to set the construction of houses in the Sky Phase 1 and Sky Phase 2 areas in motion. The machine was donated to assist and speed up the construction process.


The Mayor of Ongwediva, Father Taarah Shalyefu, said 21 members of the federation have been allocated with plots thus far, while more members will receive plots to build their own houses soon.


Brick-making machine donated Shack Dwellers Federation Ongwediva brick manufacturing machine


During the handover of the machine, the town council indicated that it also connected the water supply to enable federation members to manufacture bricks. Other services will be connected later on.


Mayor Shalyefu indicated that although it is a small contribution, the council believes that if it is used effectively, the results shall speak for themself.


“Let me make this very clear. This brick-making machine is to be utilized only in Ongwediva projects and members are charged with a responsibility to ensure that it’s in a good working condition,” he said.


Shalyefu has also encouraged members of the Shack Dwellers Federation to work as a team in order to ensure that all 98 plots are occupied by the end of 2021.


Furthermore, the Council has not just looked at the housing need but has gone as far as helping the youth.


“It is a known fact that youth are the backbone of this country and the highest number of unemployed people in Namibia is the youth,” he said.


As a result, Council has donated 50 DVDs worth N$1 750 to Vuhkah Film Production.


Mayor Shalyefu stated that they have no doubt that these donations will go a long way to assist immediate beneficiaries and the community at large.


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