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Havana residents claim that electrification process is unfair

Havana residents claim that electrification process is unfair

Marthina Mutanga


INFORMAL settlements in Windhoek will soon say goodbye to illegal electricity connections and residents will even be able to save some as the exorbitant fees charged by pirate electricity suppliers will become a thing of the past.


City of Windhoek spokesperson, Lydia Amutenya confirmed that the people in Havana are unhappy that the City of Windhoek is skipping certain houses since last year in September.


Amutenya said they commissioned the electrification project in Havana extension 1 & 3 in Moses Garoeb Constituency, where about 350 households are currently connected to the legitimate electricity supply.


“We are well on course with our five-year electrification program, where we have so far electrified more than 2 000 households in the various informal settlements,” noted Amutenya.


She indicated that the electrification process is continuing and it is the intention of the municipality to eventually provide all that all residents access to the basic service.


While the City of Windhoek is busy with the installation, some residents are complaining that their houses are being skipped and they are unhappy that they are last on the list. They said that the process is unfair.


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