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British murder accused still hospitalised

British murder accused still hospitalised

Niël Terblanché


The 51-year-old Harvey Eric Boulter, the British venture capitalist, accused of mortally wounding the 54-year-old Gerhardus van Wyk on Farm Kaross about a week ago, is still admitted to hospital.


Boulter appeared in the Outjo Magistrate’s Court on a charge of murder last week where he was remanded in custody until his next appearance in April.


At the time of his death, the late Van Wyk was employed as Boulter’s farm manager. He died on the way to the Outjo State hospital last Saturday after he was shot in the lower abdomen by Boulter. The fatal shot went off while Van Wyk attempted to wrestle the firearm away from his employer.


Boulter was wounded in his hand by the same bullet that caused the death of his employee.


British murder accused hospitalised Harvey Eric Boulter venture capitalist
STILL HOSPITALISED: The British national Harvey Boulter, who stands accused of murder, in happier days when he donated generously towards building hostels at schools for the children of people living in communities near the Etosha National Park. – Photo:


The scuffle between worker and employer ensued after Boulter started acting aggressively with the firearm during an argument with the late Van Wyk’s son.


It has since emerged that besides being the owner of Farm Kaross, Boulter is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Porton Group, a venture capital company based in the Cayman Islands with offices in Dubai.


About ten years ago Boulter was one of the characters central to the scandal that eventually led to the resignation of Liam Fox as Minister of Defence from the cabinet of Britain’s former Prime Minister, David Cameron in 2011.


Residents of Kamanjab said the Boulter has been staying on his farm near Kamanjab since last year because of the COVID-9 Pandemic. He normally only visited the farm for two or three months per year.


Since he bought the farm near Kamanjab in 2012, Boulter has been actively involved in upliftment projects of rural communities by donating money to build hostels at schools.


The British venture capitalist is also indirectly involved with wildlife research and anti-poaching initiatives in both Namibia and South Africa where some of the communication encryption technology developed by one of the companies in the Proton Group for the British Ministry of Defence, is used extensively.


Boulter was admitted to the Outjo State Hospital shortly after his arrest last Saturday evening where he was kept under police guard. He returned to the hospital after making his first appearance in the Outjo Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday.


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