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Government urged to save life as Zambezi river overflow

Government urged to save life as Zambezi river overflow

Marthina Mutanga


AS the water level in the Zambezi River continues to rise some farmers in areas affected by floods in the plain have started relocating their cattle to higher ground.


The chairperson of the regional farmers union for the Zambezi Region, Alfred Chilinda has urged the government to assist with the evacuation to save lives.


Chilinda said he can confirm that the rising water level in the Zambezi River has flooded crop fields, grazing areas, and some homesteads east of Katima Mulilo.


Government urged save life Zambezi river overflow water rise farmers affected floods


He said villages like Lisikili, Kalimbeza, Isize, Malindi, Luhonono, Namiyundu, Nankuntwe, and many more are seriously affected by the floods.


A strict warning was given to the river authorities, fishing companies, safari lodges, and all those involved in water-borne social activities to watch out for possible stronger and higher flows are anticipated within a few days to come.


Flow on the lower Orange River remains high due to good rainfall received in the upper catchment area resulted in spillage and releases from upstream dams.


The measuring station at Blouputs recorded a flow rate of 1 492 m3/s at a height of 2.89 m yesterday morning.


Contingency planning for flood mitigation and recovery must be updated, upgraded, and activated for all flood-prone regions in anticipation of the forecasted heavy rainfall during this rainy season.


The Zambezi River is the longest and largest river in the Southern Africa sub-region. Its basin is shared by Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. There are two large reservoirs in the Basin, the Kariba and Cahora Bassa dams.


Water releases from these reservoirs can exacerbate flooding in downstream countries, especially when heavy rainfalls or tropical cyclone events coincide with above-normal inflows to the reservoirs. Almost every year, Zambezi River floods claim lives and cause grave economic losses, thus severely impeding overall socio-economic development in the Basin.


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