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Pehovelo and Gideon host good Samaritans

Pehovelo and Gideon host good Samaritans

Maria David


NAMIBIA’S own fairytale couple, Pehovelo and Gideon Hamukwaya, who got married in August last year with the help of good Samaritans, returned the favour this past weekend.


At the time, video of the couple announcing their wedding plans in front of their church congregation in August 2020 was uploaded to social media platforms and quickly spread.


Their modest clothing and humble demeanour initially led to some mockery from members of society, but the cyber bullying turned against the individual hecklers when the wider community decided to gift the couple a fairytale wedding, with assistance pouring in from all over Namibia.



The couple was gifted with wedding gowns, suits, food and drink, transport to and from church and also received a sponsored honeymoon getaway at a resort in the Etosha National Park.


The event was described as Namibia’s Wedding of the Year.


The goodwill of the benefactors did not go unnoticed by Gideon and Pehovelo.


The couple invited all the Good Samaritans that contributed to their fairytale wedding to their homestead as a sign of their gratitude.


According to Sam Hamunyela, the couple slaughtered a big ox and prepared the food for their benefactors.


He said that the gathering was attended by friends, neighbours, family members, the pastor, and even the Headman of Omutwe Woholongo Village near Oshikunde in the Ohangwena Region.


“Dr Queen Elizabeth Namundjebo, one of the main organisers of the wedding, also attended the occasion,” Hamunyela said.


Although the event was organised to thank their benefactors, the community again showed their goodwill and donated some building material that would be used by the couple to build their own bedroom.


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