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Mob justice ends in death of suspected burglar

Mob justice ends in death of suspected burglar

Maria David


A SUSPECTED burglar, the 36-year-old Shuuveni Justus Elago, was attacked by a mob of angry villagers and beaten to death with tree branches and pieces of firewood.


Residents of the Othingo Village near Oshakati caught the deceased person and two other men in the act of stealing after they broke into the house of one of the villagers.


According to Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, the commander of the Namibian Police’s Community Affairs Division in the Oshana Region, the brutal act of mob justice occurred sometime between 21:00 and 22:00 on Monday evening.


He said that two of the three suspects that were rounded up after the burglary managed to escape from the clutches of the angry villagers.


Angry mob kills suspected burglar Shuuveni Justus Elago attacked angry villagers beaten death tree branches pieces firewood


“The two suspects managed to reach a vehicle they parked near the house they targeted and sped off,” he said.


According to Inspector Aiyambo, the angry villagers used the branches of palm trees and pieces of firewood to beat Elago to death.


“In this case, officers investigating the matter registered a case of murder in Oshakati while the complainant, from whose home the burglars stole a double bed, a gas stove, a gas cylinder, and a generator, registered a case of housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft,” he said.


He indicated that detectives managed to recover the stolen items.


The value of the stolen items was set at N$21 800.


According to Inspector Aiyambo, none of the villagers that participated in the fatal beating were arrested, and that the two men that escaped in the getaway vehicle are still being searched for.


He said detectives will definitely arrest the two remaining suspects, as well as the people responsible for the murder.


He warned members of the public against taking the law into their own hands because such actions, as was the case in this incident, can have serious consequences.


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