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The jobless find new opportunities

The jobless find new opportunities

Placido Hilukilwa


HAVING a tertiary qualification from a reputable institution opens doors to employment, but there is no guarantee that qualification-holders will find jobs as soon as they enter the job market.


Sanely Kambwali (24), who holds a mechanical engineering qualification from the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), is well aware of that fact.


He graduated last year and is still unemployed and, like other graduates, continues making efforts to find a job by enquiring about available vacancies, perusing newspapers for job advertisements and submitting job applications.


Meanwhile, he isn’t sitting idly at home at Oshakati, waiting and hoping for a positive response to the many job applications he submitted.



“I decided to put my skills to good use, doing something to try to be not too dependent on others for my daily bread,” he said.


He manufactures tiny containers for petroleum jelly-based products, using empty plastic bottles that he collects from dumping sites.


His manufacturing tools are simple: a knife, a pair of scissors and glue.


He also uses a lot of detergents to cleanse the bottles.


According to Kambwali, the idea of a tiny container was that most petroleum jelly-based products come in bigger containers that are inconvenient to carry or too big to fit in a lady’s handbag.


“Your favourite products remain unchanged,” said Kambwali, “but you now have a smaller container to repackage them for your convenience”.


Each empty container is priced N$5.


“They are selling like hot cakes. The sheer number of buyers is, particularly, my main source of encouragement. I am already thinking of setting up something that would eventually become a proper factory, employing other youths. This will require funding of course, but I am sure about the viability and sustainability of the business,” he said.


Kambwali is originally from the Onheleiwa village in the Omusati Region.


He graduated from the Otjiwarongo Secondary School, attended the NIMT at Arandis and is now a resident of Oshakati where he manufactures the tiny containers and sells them on the street, mostly at major shopping malls at Oshakati and Ongwediva.


His message to the unemployed youths is: “An academic or vocational certificate is no guarantee that you will immediately find a job. Be persistent. Above all, trust in God. Whatever He has prepared for you will come your way, maybe not as soon as you would like, but it will come. In the meantime, try doing something for a living. Do not become a burden to others.”


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