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Land delivery is a pressing issue

Land delivery is a pressing issue

Staff Reporter


As part of a series of meetings with regional and local authorities Councillors in Otjozondjupa, James Uerikua met with the Otjiwarongo Constituency and town leaders discussed developmental and service delivery issues.


During the meeting, Uerikua spoke on the accelerated land delivery program in Otjiwarongo.


Land delivery pressing issue regional local authorities Councillors Otjozondjupa James Uerikua Otjiwarongo Constituency
Pictured: James Uerikua. Photo: File


“Give people land. Do not compromise on that. It is important that we fast-track the allocation process of residential land,” Uerikua said.


Uerikua said he will take the leaders to the people so that they can see the situation with their own eyes.


“When you see, you will understand and when you understand, you will act,” Uerikua said.


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