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Volunteers are key to development

Volunteers are key to development

Maria David


NAMIBIA cannot develop only through the ideology of budgeting for everything but must also work with volunteers to ensure the building of a Namibia everyone dreams of obtaining.


Omusati Regional Governor Erginus Endjala explained during a visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Calle Schlettwein at Omutambo Maowe quarantine station south of the Omusati Region that people should not only want to blame delay of development to lack of finance, but there are certain projects that require no excessive funding in order to be carried out.


He then applauded a group of youths that took the initiative of rehabilitating quarantine facilities from Oshivelo, Okongo, and Omutambo Maowe.


Volunteers development develop ideology budgeting building Namibia dreams


Director of JESMIKE Youth Projects Naftal Paulus Angolo said they started with the project in February last year after they noticed that some of the young people were living hopeless lives as if they have no requirement needed by the government to get employment.


“Many youths have the skills, so we decided to put them together with the intention of giving them a chance to make a difference in society,” he said.


He noted that the project, with the aim of meeting the government halfway, is not only for one region but the entire country.


Despite doing voluntary work, Angolo indicated that they are faced with some challenges such as transportation to get their materials at the site, vandalism of properties by the public, and access to tools.


“Lack of transport constitutes a safety breach as the quarantine pens are now filled with predatory animals, while some camps our colleagues have to walk distances up to 12 kilometres a day,” he said.


At the same time, the youth requested the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform to look into providing them with permanent employment as they would like to remain working at the quarantine facilities.


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