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Sale of Grand-pa suspended

Sale of Grand-pa suspended

Eba Kandovazu


GRAND-PA tablets and powders will be removed from retail outlets and pharmacies because of stringent climatic regulations with regards to the storage of medicines enforced by Namibian health authorities.


The Namibia Medicines Regulatory Council (NMRC) in a statement said that it initiated a ban on the sale of popular tablets and powders after it failed climatic stability tests for the country.


Sale Grand-pa suspended tablets powders pharmacies climatic regulations
BANNED AGAIN: The sale of Grand-Pa powders and tablets has been suspended in Namibia.


“The recall is a result of the product failing stability studies at 30 degrees Celsius. These products are therefore not fit to be stored under climatic zone IV, under which Namibia falls. These products must not be imported nor used in Namibia until further communication from the NMRC,” Johannes Gaeseb, the Registrar of Medicines said.


He further called on any member of the public that would like to contribute a submission on the recall of Grand-Pa to address such communication to his office.


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