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Farmers see signs of a bumper harvest

Farmers see signs of a bumper harvest

Nathanael Heita


SUBSISTENCE farmers in the northern regions that started ploughing their mahangu fields on time are already seeing promising signs of a bumper harvest this year.


Josephina Gustaf, a resident of the Epatululo village in the Ohangwena Region, said that she is delighted with what she is seeing so far.


“Thanks to a good rainfall and hard work, my mahangu field and the fields of my neighbours look promising, and I already look forward to a significant output this year,” she said.


  • Farmers bumper harvest northern regions ploughing mahangu fields


But she is complaining about two issues: stray animals that cause serious damage to the crop fields, and “lazy” residents who spend their time drinking at shebeens instead of cultivating their fields to ensure food self-sufficiency.


“I work in my field early in the morning and during the day I stay on the lookout for stray animals because some people here do not look after their livestock,” she said.


Gustaf’s sentiments were echoed by Efinde village resident, Theopolina Sheetekela, who said that although she started cultivating somewhat late, her field looks promising.


“I started late, but it is still early but my plantation looks good already,” she said.


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