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Elderly man drowns in well

Elderly man drowns in well

Maria David


THE lifeless body of 67-year-old Frans Johannes was discovered in a well at the Elamba village in the Otamanzi Constituency on Tuesday.


Omusati Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo said the body was discovered after a search was launched for the elderly man because he did not return home on Monday evening.


Shikongo stated that when the deceased left the Elamba location on Monday he was not seen again.


According to Shikongo, the deceased person’s wife and neighbours went searching for him. He said the people followed his footprints up to the nearby water well.


“The footprints disappeared at the well which left the search party suspecting that he might have fallen down into the deep hole. One of the community members was lowered into the well where he found the deceased person under the water. The community members retrieved the body by tying it to a rope and hoisting it to the surface,” Shikongo said.


Shikongo said the body was transported to the Okahao Police Mortuary for purposes of a post mortem examination. The autopsy will have to determine the actual cause of death.


The regional commander did not say if foul play is suspected at this stage of the investigation into the death of the elderly man.

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