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Couple arrested for murder

Couple arrested for murder

Maria David


A COUPLE has been arrested for allegedly killing the 23-year-old Samwel Teofelus that was employed as a domestic worker at Oshuuga Village on Tuesday evening.


According to Warrant Officer Frieda Shikole, the representative of the Namibian Police’s Oshana Regional Community Affairs Division, the incident occurred around 22:00, after the deceased allegedly got into a violent fight with the couple.


“It’s alleged that while they were at the Okalukanda Kakalukambe shebeen, the deceased and the suspects started with an argument,” said Shikole.


According to Shikole, the deceased followed the suspects to the house and a fight broke out in the field. They used two pangas, one kitchen knife as well as a broken beer bottle to attack each other.


Shikole said that during the fight, the deceased sustained multiple cuts and stab wounds. He died on the scene where the fight broke out.


The male suspect also sustained multiple injuries and was admitted to the Onandjokwe hospital in stable condition.


She indicated that the suspect is currently under police guard, while his girlfriend was detained in the holding cells of the Ondangwa Police Station.


Shikole noted that the murder weapons have been recovered and were subsequently booked in as evidence and that a case of murder was registered at the Ondangwa Police Station.


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