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Incomplete building angers minister

Incomplete building angers minister

Maria David


THE building in which the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform was supposed to be accommodated in the Eenhana Town of the Ohangwena Region, was not completed after contractors abandoned the construction project.


The project was abandoned as a result of a dispute about payment between the contractor and its subcontractors.


Agriculture Minister Calle Schlettwein, said many of the projects have been left idle for various reasons of which dispute and late payment by the government are some of the challenges faced.


  • Incomplete building angers minister Ministry Agriculture Water Land Reform contractors abandoned construction project


He indicated that the building was supposed to be completed four years ago. The construction of the new building started six years ago.


However, Schlettwein said the ministry made a list of unfinished capital projects and that the Ministry of Works and Transport has undertaken to complete redeemable undertakings.


“We have now decided to ensure that all projects are completed as the government cannot allow taxpayers’ money going to waste,” he said.


He explained that there are a number of cases where contractors are paid for the completion of work but nothing has been delivered because some of the contractors have been demanding the payment of deposits as a guarantee to do work. Once they received a tender they tend to abandon such projects without retribution.


“It is simply not fair to give any person or company a tender if they cannot or will not deliver on the terms and conditions. Be it a Namibian or foreign contractor, all work must be completed and in time,” he added.


Schlettwein made it clear that the government is not there to be taken for a ride on every tender granted.


“Taxpayers are paying their dues and the funds are wasted on incomplete projects,” the minister concluded.


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