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Unions will march on SWAPO headquarters

Unions will march on SWAPO headquarters

Zorena Jantze


JOB Muniaro, Secretary-General of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW), says that the union is ready to march in solidarity with Air Namibia employees as well as the general concerned public to the SWAPO party headquarters in an attempt to stop the liquidation of Air Namibia.


Last week, the minister of public enterprises, Leon Jooste at a press briefing stated that the government will file for voluntary liquidation due to the unsustainable debt the airline has accrued and its inability to pay out debts as creditors have to come to take what’s theirs.


Unions march SWAPO headquarters Job Muniaro Secretary-General National Union Namibian Workers NUNW Air Namibia employees
DISCONTENT: Job Muniaro, Secretary-General of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW). – Photo: File


Muniaro stated that the march will start from the NUWN headquarters in Katutura to the SWAPO head office. He added that the march is organized to show dissatisfaction as workers and as Namibians on the government’s choice to liquidate the airliner. He added that the closure will have far-reaching economic consequences.


“Air Namibia has a large impact on the generation of wealth, it influences investment, the labour market, the exportation of Namibian goods and international trade, and tourism. Close to 40% of tourists came into Namibia using the national airliner. We demand that the liquidation of the airline must be stopped and that the minister of Public Enterprises, Leon Jooste must resign,” Muniaro stated.


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