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More elephants reported at Omundaungilo

More elephants reported at Omundaungilo

Maria David


THE community at Omundaungilo has been requested not to provoke a group of elephants that have been seen sporadically in the area since Monday.


A constituency councillor, Festus Ikanda made the request after some elephants returned to the area.


Ikanda stated that the last report about the presence of elephants near Omundaungilo was two years ago and that the animals were successfully driven back to Angola.


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The warning came after four elephants were spotted on Sunday after another group of about 30 were seen on Saturday.


Ikanda indicated that the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT) will be alerted to assess the situation on the ground.


“If anyone sees any elephants please inform the authorities and avoid provoking them at all times,” he said.


According toIkanda, the elephants completely destroyed one crop field, while another crop field was left with fixable damage.


MEFT spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda said that officials have been deployed to Omundaungilo to monitor the situation and to assist affected farmers.


Muyunda urged the community to refrain from walking around at night and to never provoke the elephants if they come in contact.


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