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Illegal animal movement spreads FMD

Illegal animal movement spreads FMD

Maria David


MINISTER of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Calle Schlettwein has appealed to local farmers to stop moving livestock at night as they are suspected to be carriers of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).


Schlettwein who was speaking during a meeting with the leadership council on Thursday said FMD is suspected to have been transmitted by cattle brought into the region.


“The disease is suspected to come through illegal movement as all the livestock given permits for the movement was not detected of the disease,” he said.


He then appealed to farmers to stop illegal transportation of livestock into and out of the region at night as it might transmit the disease further to other areas.


Illegal animal movement spreads FMD Agriculture Calle Schlettwein local farmers livestock


“Issuing of permits is not a punishment to farmers but a way of controlling the movement of cattle with the aim of ensuring that they are disease-free,” he said.


Schlettwein pointed out the northern area has a population of about 800 000 livestock of which government requires 1.7 million doses of medication to vaccinate the livestock.


Moreover, Schlettwein stated that the vaccination cost N$40 per dose and each animal will require two doses of which the first one is only 70% effective and a booster needs to be administered as the last dose.


He noted that government will require a total of N$95 million for the fight against FMD.


Thus far a total of 36 roadblocks have been created in the north with the purpose of ensuring that cattle movement is prohibited.

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