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Beating wife leads to deportation

Beating wife leads to deportation

Placido Hilukilwa

JOHANNES Ndinomayele, an Angolan national residing in Namibia for more than 20 years, wrongly believed that beating one’s wife when out of order was an integral part of tradition.

He beats his wife every now and then. He did it again last month, but this time around, his wife said enough is enough and reported the matter to the village headman, igniting a chain of events that eventually led to the couple’s deportation back to Angola on Friday.

It is said that 47-year-old Ndinomayele – also known as John Shingulila – arrived in Namibia in 1990 at a tender age of 16 and has ever since been a resident of the Okafitu Konghai village in the Okalongo constituency of the Omusati Region.

He was initially employed by a local businessman, but resigned after eight years and went on to run his own shebeen.

He got himself a wife and the couple gave birth to three children, the oldest being 17-years-old now.

However, according to villagers, irreconcilable disagreements eventually led to separation.

Shingulila went back to Angola and returned a while later with a new wife, Nangula Haixwema.

He fathered four more kids by the second wife, who are now ages seven, five, three and two.

Nangula is currently pregnant with her fifth child.

The problem leading up to the deportation started when Shingulila assaulted Nangula again last month and she reported the matter to the village headman.

Shingulila was reprimanded, but defended himself saying that assaulting a wife was, traditionally, how “wayward wives are dealt with”.

According to villagers, Shingulila reluctantly wielded to the headman’s authority and promised that he would never beat his wife again.

But the tide has irreversibly turned against him.

He received a letter from immigration office requesting him to present himself at the Kasamane border post, which he ignored.

Days later, police officers came to inform him to pack his belongings and early Friday morning him, his wife and their four children were picked up and taken directly to the border post where they were handed over to Angolan authorities.

Okafitu Konghai residents are now furious about what they say was an “inhumane” deportation.

“It is simply inhumane to treat people like that. Even our kids were in tears as they observed how the deportees were manhandled by the police,” a villager said, adding: “If Shingilila, who is Angolan, is deported for beating his wife, what happens to other men who are Namibian citizens and who too beat their wives? Beating a wife is very common here,” said a villager, who went on to question the legality of the deportation.

Omusati police community affairs officer, Inspector Lineekela Shikongo, said he was not aware of the incident.

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