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Omatjete suffering from water shortage

Omatjete suffering from water shortage

Marthina Mutanga


THERE has been a water crisis in the Omatjete settlement in the Erongo Region after boreholes supplying the settlement ran dry years ago.


Besides boreholes running dry some of the supply tanks are also in a state of severe disrepair.


Lasarus Ngairo, representative of the village management committee said that the school is in need of two new water tanks.


Omatjete suffering water shortage crisis settlement Erongo Region boreholes settlement


The settlement accommodates about 4 000 residents that include children boarding at Omatjete Primary School.


“There is a delay in fixing our water supply. We reported to the Daures Constituency office through the Okombahe settlement office in December but until now, nothing has been done,” said Ngairo.


He said the town also has a clinic where patients need clean water to drink and for treatment, so if there is no water the people really suffer.


According to Ngairo they get water from Khorixas only once a week where the whole community share and it is not enough because the school needs its own tank. It happens often that when the water truck arrives that the community takes too much water and that nothing is left for the school and the clinic.


Therefore, Erongo Regional Council in collaboration with NamWater appointed WML Coastal Consultants to do a feasibility study on the rehabilitation of the current boreholes.


Borehole rehabilitation in Omatjete to the tune of N$ 140,000.00 through the Drought Relief Funding has been completed and further exploration for stronger boreholes is underway.

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