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White flies invade tomato production

White flies invade tomato production

Maria David


TOMATO production has been slowed down in the Omusati Region due to the invasion of white flies.


White flies are known for damaging tomato plants either by sucking on the phloem or devouring the nutrients from the tomato plant, which quickly becomes weak and unable to carry out photosynthesis.


Agricultural Scientific Officer in Omusati, Toivo Shivute, said the invasion of white flies was reported towards the end of last year when farmers noticed their tomatoes production slowing down.



Shivute indicated that despite government trying to finding solution to best control the pests, the white flies have proven to be difficult and available pesticides might be expensive for farmers to acquire.


“We have received complaints from farmers about the white flies that have affected their tomatoes and yield,” he said.


Frans Ngali said that it was the first time they were experiencing a slow production on tomatoes after being hit by white flies.


Ngali said despite efforts by government to assist farmers, more support and subsidies should be offered for horticulture programs.


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