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Police accused of thuggery

Police accused of thuggery

Niël Terblancé


A COMPLAINT was lodged with the Inspector General of the Namibian Police about members of the Special Field Force intimidating members of the public.


The complainant is a woman who was driving home on Friday afternoon when the incident occurred.


According to the woman, she and two of her friends were driving on the Daan Viljoen Road in a 60 kilometre per hour zone when a minibus with POL 8731 registration numberplate came up behind their vehicle at a high speed.


The driver of the police vehicle had activated the siren and was driving in such a way as to force other drivers, including the complainant, off the road.


When the complainant did not get out of the way of the oncoming police vehicle fast enough, the driver stopped and intimidated the women.


The driver of the police vehicle was very reportedly aggressive and told the women to be cautious.


“The driver used the words “passop papa” and acted very intimidating. This incident should be addressed by the highest authority in the Namibian Police,” the woman said.

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